Company Profile:
Chinareach is new, new in technology through her partnership with Internad Limited. But old in China connections, having people experienced in dealing with Government officials, State Owned Enterprise executives, Media, including Television Stations, Central and Provincial, executives.

Mission/mission statement:
To provide a market entry service to international (foreign) companies to trade with China as the initial step into a long term relationship including formation of joint venture companies and establishment of manufacturing facilities.

Senior Management
Ronnie Ling comes from an advertising family in Shanghai. His Father Mr. C. P. Ling, was the pioneer of advertising in China setting up the first modern advertising agency with headquarters in Shanghai. It was 1926. And September 1st was the official birthday of China Commercial Advertising Agency.

C. P. Ling studied modern advertising and marketing in the States. He was a scholarship student at the Tsing Hua University in Peking. After graduation, he won a scholarship under the Boxers' Rebellion Indemnity Fund and went to Rochester University, Rochester, New York. He majored in advertising and marketing. After Rochester, a Bachelor Degree and a Phi Beta Keppa golden key in his pocket, he enrolled in the Columbia University in New York City where earned his Master Degree.

He returned to Shanghai in the early twenties and joined The Millington Press, a foreign owned printing company. After a couple years of hands on experience, it was time, time to form his own full fledged advertising agency. In those early days of advertising, print was the only main medium and outdoor billboards. C. P. Ling hired writers from the Chinese and English newspapers, some independent commercial artists were retained and some individual commercial artists joined the agency. There were calligraphers and type setters and copy writers. But the ideas for advertising campaigns came from C.P. Ling. There were no creative directors.

China Commercial Advertising Agency soon became the largest agency in Shanghai and China with only one real competitor, an agency under the name of its owner, Carl Crow the author of the famous book "400 Million Customers." Some of the prominent clients were The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Coca Cola, Philip Morris Cigarettes, ASPRO, the first branded aspirin product made in Australia, KLIM milk powder, Horlicks, Parker Pen and Pan American World Airlines, the first U. S. Air carrier to cross the Pacific.

The Ling family came to Hong Kong in April 1949, just one month before China was liberated by the Communist forces. On October 1, 1949, China declared the founding of the People's Republic of China with her Capital in Beijing. Ronnie and his second elder brother William, both studied at the Shanghai America School dropped anchor in Hong Kong to set up China Commercial Advertising Agency (HK) while C. P. Ling was in New York negotiating a Joint Venture advertising agency in the new China. The American side was dissuaded by the turbulent times in China. So C. P. Ling returned to Hong Kong and took the chair at China Commercial Advertising Agency.

The two major clients were Colgate Palmolive Company and Civil Air Transport, the flag carrier of the Nationalist Chinese government in Taiwan. The airline was founded by General Claire L. Chennault of flying tigers' fame during world war II but soon was quickly and quietly taken over by a Washington D.C. company, The Pacific Corporation, which is a company owned by the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency.